Information for Universities

We would like to inform you of the opportunity for your university to obtain your own internship website label, with a customised look and feel, featuring hundreds of available internships all over the world. This is provided via an Erasmus initiative via the “We Mean Business” Campaign for free!

With this database you can improve your own internship agency’s ability to assist students in finding internships as well as companies in identifying suitable interns. By registering their internship vacancies in this database, companies can easily approach your university for interns. In this way, you significantly decrease the burden on your own internship agency.

The Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci programmes have sponsored this website because it widens the availability of many international internship positions. This is because some of the companies in your network will also offer international internship positions, and these can be viewed by students from, for example, the University of Paris.

Due to this subsidy we are able to offer you a white-label free of charge, should you wish to invite the companies in your network to post their (national and international) internship vacancies twice a year.

In exchange for this free white-label, we ask you to invite 25 higher education institutions to take part in this global network as well. Besides this, we will ask you to exchange links with all other participants in this network.

Advantages for Universities

  • Universities can offer their exchange programs to students globally through the Globalplacement network
  • All internship vacancies will be checked manually by our account managers to ensure that they meet the requirements of an Erasmus or Leonardo da Vinci internship
  • Universities can offer their local network of companies an effective matching and recruitment tool through their own personalized white-label
  • Universities can offer their students national and international internships through their own personalized white-label - that is, in their own "look & feel"

About Globalplacement
Globalplacement was founded in 2003 in collaboration with the European Commission as an online mediation agency for international internships, graduation assignments and traineeships. The website is the answer to the high demand for foreign internships, increasing mobility among students worldwide and quickly diminishing international trade barriers. Globalplacement focuses on vocational and higher education and has grown into the largest international internship database in the world.

The Globalplacement Network
The Globalplacement network is focused on shaping an international network that collaborates with all players in the field of jobs and education. These include:

  • Schools and universities
  • Lifelong Learning Programmes (Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci)
  • Branch organizations
  • Unions
  • Chambers of commerce

Collaboration through white-labels

  • Every university gets its own 'Globalplacement' white-label website
  • The website will be adjusted to the look-and-feel of your university with your university logo included
  • Universities share the same database with interns and internships within the global network of Globalplacement

Revenue model
Globalplacement offers the following services to companies through the network:

Single vacancy

  • 1 month online for € 249,-
  • 1 month access to contact details of the applicants
  • Vacancy includes company name, logo and link to the website
Ongoing vacancy package
  • 12 month online for € 340,-
  • 12 month access to contact details of the applicants
  • Vacancy includes company name, logo and link to the website

Universities partnership model
Partnership costs: now free for higher education institutions via Erasmus! Globalplacement provides:

  • A personalized white-label
  • Domain names
  • Server and server maintenance
  • Website maintenance and updates
  • Workshops on promoting the white-label